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DJ Kaymoworld Announces Upcoming EP Titled “Tried & Tested”

DJ Kaymoworld has announced that he will be releasing a new EP on the 25th of November titled Tried & Tested. The EP will be his first full offering since he released his Small Town Rabbit mixtape way back in 2020. We already have somewhat of a feel for the type of sound we can expect on Tried & Tested from the last single he dropped, “Ngithi Lo”. Over the last 2 years he has ventured deeper into the ‘Trapiano’ sound which his frequent collaborators have popularised.

Despite the sound being at the forefront of what we can expect from the EP, that isn’t the most intriguing part about it. DJ Kaymoworld shared a lengthy caption on IG elaborating on what inspired the name of the EP and how his life challenges in both his personal and professional life have led up to the making of this EP. The caption read as follows, “This year I probably have been tested the most in all aspects of my life and career, I’m grateful that I have overcome some of the challenges and found better ways to deal with challenges I come across. This project is really close to my heart and I cannot wait for you guys to listen to it “.

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