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DJ Kaymoworld Teases “Ngithi Lo” Music Video

DJ Kaymoworld released “Ngithi Lo” last week Friday and called on Costa Titch, musical duo Major Steez, Profound, fellow Kandy Koated member HYPE1108 and rising act, Scumie. The song is typical of the bouncy Hip-Hop one would associate with the likes of Costa Titch. The feel-good song is simple in its construction and the song basically states that the gents want every girl.

DJ Kaymoworld released a short promo teaser of what we can expect from the music video. The visuals see DJ Kaymoworld and Costa Titch have a brief exchange in a skit-like format where the pair lament the fact that they’re uncertain whether or not their ‘guests’ will pull through and… as you may have guessed, they do indeed pull up. Watch the promo video below.

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