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DJ Zinhle’s Hair Majesty To Launch Flagship Palace At Mall of Africa

DJ Zinhle is easily among the hardest working humans in the public eye with various successful ventures under her belt. ‘Talk less, do more’ has become a bit of a catchphrase in recent times and despite it being such a powerful statement, its overuse has led to it losing its value. I say all of this to say that DJ Zinhle is the living embodiment of the saying.

source: Instagram (@hairmajesty_by_djzinhle)

DJ Zinhle’s venture into the business of hair started out of a pure desire and genuine appreciation of what a boost in self-esteem she experienced when she looked the way she envisioned herself on the inside.

It gave me the feeling that ‘I can conquer anything and everything’ and I truly saw it as my personal reminder that I am a queen and this hair is my crown, hence the name Hair Majesty. 

DJ Zinhle

The flagship palace is set to launch on the 1st of October and the wonderful team over at Hair Majesty provided us with a preview of what the Palace will be set up and I must say, it truly looks like an establishment fit for a queen. Check out the preview below.

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