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Drake Talks Going On Tour In 2023

In a new live stream interview that’s surfaced online, Drake seemingly confirms that he is looking forward to touring in 2023, especially following the release of his recent critically acclaimed albums Her Loss and Honestly, Nevermind.

The chat was with the gambling site Stake and also found him (Drake) talking about his enjoyment in making music which allowed him to experience the world because of the different artistic approach especially on Honestly, Nevermind in our opinion…

Throughout the conversation, Drake really gives fans a narration of his recent experiences in this but all things said what’s exciting is that a Drake tour in the new year is on the table and here’s hoping it’s a global one that includes Mzansi as a stop… Interestingly to note too, in this interview Drake name’s witnessing Black Coffee (4:13 mark) DJ live as one of his great memories for 2022.

Watch the full interview below:

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