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Dreamville Is Said To Be Executive Producing The Soundtrack To Creed III

It’s been reported that Michael B. Jordan confirmed that Dreamville will be executive producing the soundtrack to Creed III. It’s said that the actor confirmed the news during a panel on the film that took place at ComplexCon on Sunday.

“I’m probably gonna get in trouble,” Jordan was heard admitting during the discussion. “Dreamville is executive producing this album.” The news of this is surely exciting as Dreamville is, of course, known for the music they produce with the multi-layered roster of artists that have but producing a soundtrack for a film is a whole other experience… No other information on this has been shared but the hype is certainly real.

For this third installment of the Creed franchise, Michael B Jordan will be behind the camera to direct the film and will also continue to star as Adonis Creed. Jordan also recently expressed that directing and acting simultaneously has been a “struggle.”

It’s torture, but at the same time, it’s so much fun. It was the challenge of accomplishing it all, with the multitasking nature of developing the story, trying to stay in shape, and giving all the departments what they individually needed, to go do their job,

– Michael B Jordan told Collider
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