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Felo Le Tee Drops CONTAGI😍US EP Tracklist

Amapiano DJ Felo Le Tee took to his socials today to announce that he will be releasing an EP tomorrow titled CONTAGI😍US. Felo Le Tee has remained relatively quiet this year, with his only contribution in 2022 coming via DBN Gogo’s “Bambelela”. However, the silence shouldn’t be mistaken for a lack of work ethic. He went on to share a reel that explains that he has been dealing with the general anxiety that comes with creating and releasing music. Ultimately, Felo Le Tee understands that all the fans want from him is the feeling his music evokes in them. Styled by Katlego Gordana and co-directed by Sizwe43 and himself, we are sure to receive a visual package to go along with the EP.

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