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Ferlando Young & Jillz Link Up For “LaFareal” Single

It’s new music Friday and the drop I was anticipating the most came via Ferlando Young’s “LaFereal” Ft. Jillz. Upon pressing play you are greeted by triumphant horns that set the tone for the rest of the song and in all honesty, I am a sucker for horns on a Hip-Hop song.

One would be forgiven for passing over the lyrical content of the song because of how Ferlando Young’s flow seamlessly fits and moulds into the production, and Jillz’s verse provides a slight bit of variety to the song. I do not say this often about rappers because not many rappers can achieve what Ferlando Young achieved on the song from a flow perspective. His performance exists right at the sweet spot between penmanship and flow & delivery. I don’t about you but this is my top of the morning song. Listen to “LaFareal below.

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