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First Love Turns To First Heartbreak On Tyla’s “To Last” Single

South Africa has always had a long lineage of vocalists who can produce over dance records. I think what separates South Africa artists is their ability to convey any emotion of the spectrum, in a way that is palatable enough for listeners to enjoy the music as a product, as well as a medium of self-reflection. In lay-mans terms, South African artists can deliver a song that feels emotional and personal, without tempering with the overall ‘enjoyability’ of a song.

Tyla’s “To Last” is perhaps the perfect caricature of what the next crop of South African vocalists can be. Her latest single sees her touch on how the state of her relationship has disintegrated due to her significant other refusing to give their full effort. Sonically, the song does not differ from her previous offering, however, I can overlook the lack in distinction because of her songwriting on the record. Listen to Tyla’s “To Last” below.

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