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Flow Jones Jr. Drops New Single Titled “Mawubuye”

Flow Jones Jr. has stayed consistent in his pursuit of being the hardest trapper in the country and considering his frequent collaborators, he is in good company.

The single titled “Mawubuye” sees Flow Jones Jr. stay true to his sound. For the track, he called on Sliqe to handle production duties. The production from the well-experienced Slique set the stage for Flow Jones Jr. to deliver multiple flows and punchlines in his trademark cadence.

What I love most about the single is surprisingly his songwriting. Oftentimes one gets lost in the flow of his raps but on this single he had a different level of clarity and he incorporates vernac in his raps.

The Young Thug influences cannot be ignored, however, he is making steps to turn into something of his own. Listen to “Mawubuye” below.

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