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Franasonic Held A Celebration and Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is the second largest cause of death for women worldwide, one in eight women is affected, whereas only one in a thousand men are this makes it a primary reason for increasing awareness and the stigma around it. Awareness surrounding breast cancer is incredibly important as early detection, often through screening, can catch the disease when it is most treatable and Franasonic is one of the brands that are helping spread the word about Breast Cancer Awareness.

On the 13th of December 2022, Francesco Mbele, the multi-hyphenate creator of Fransonic known widely as Franadilla held a celebration and fundraiser for breast cancer awareness where he had limited Franasonic Breast cancer awareness shirts available for purchase at 99 Juta with all profits donated to the Cancer Association of South Africa. Not all heroes wear caps and Franadilla is one of them because I feel like spreading breast cancer awareness as a creative makes the stigma it around less scary and I hope more creatives can start doing this. I love a good ending and I’m happy to know that all Shirts were sold out.


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