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Gee D’Art finally drops TYME featuring Mass The Difference

Following the release of his 5th EP titled Venda Royalty, Azwifarwi Mukwevho commonly known as Gee D’Art who’s a producer and artist curated his first single titled “TYME” featuring Mass The Difference & El Moose off his upcoming EP titled “FLY”, a melodic song that evokes a certain feeling.

“TYME” is about the amount of time we spend doing something so many times that we keep getting better at it and reaching new heights whilst acknowledging the existence of negative thoughts and attitude towards it that we get along the process.

“The concept of this song is also about the time spent experimenting different sounds & conceptualising the whole FLY EP, with that said fasten your seatbelts it’s now TYME to FLY” Gee D’Art.

‘TYME’ is more of a scooby snack to Gee D’Art’s upcoming EP titled “FLY” that is set to drop soon. Gee D’Art, Mass the Difference & El Moose have collaborated separately on different songs before but the Limpopo trio on one song is the first of its kind.

Artwork credit: King Lutendo
Photography credit: Rofhiwa Kutama

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