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Ghana’s Gyakie Drops “SOMETHING” Single

Gyakie is part of the latest crop of rising Afro R&B talents in Africa and she has just dropped a new single titled “SOMETHING”, which has the makings to be the second major anthem in her catalogue. “SOMETHING” is a smooth Afro Pop record that sees Gyakie serenade chord led production and her melodic execution on the song is guaranteed to have you harmonising along with her. Upon first listen, you may mistake “SOMETHING” for a love song because of its light-hearted soundscape. Although you wouldn’t be completely wrong, you wouldn’t necessarily be correct either. The ‘something’ she is referring to is the bodily reaction she experiences when she is courted by a partner that she desires. Part of her finesse is her innate ability to make anything sound romantic, a feat she accomplished many times over on her 2020 SEED EP. Listen to “SOMETHING” below.

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  1. […] Her latest EP, MY DIARY (2022), available to stream on Apple Music in Spatial Audio from 22 July, is said to reinforce her knack for merging multiple genres seamlessly, from the jazz lounge-ssque opener ‘AUDIENCE’, to the Afrobeats-rooted ‘MY BABY’ and first single ‘SOMETHING’. […]

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