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H’ & Them Is Set to Officially Release “Low-q Shorts”

H’ & Them whose birth name is Aluwani Thovhakale is an alternative singer and songwriter who hails from the Limpopo province. H’ & Them describes one of his earliest musical memories which sparked his interest in music being ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman, he believes hearing the song as a little boy for the first time is the reason why he is an artist today.

H’ & Them currently has four bodies of work on major streaming platforms; The Actual Songs released in 2019, Incolour and Songs of Silas released in 2020 and Eternal Sunshine: Undone released in 2021. The upcoming album is titled low-q Shorts and it is set to be released on the 25th of November 2022. The features include FKA JAZZTHEMAN, JAYSTEEZE, Francis Blaz3 and Mass The Difference.

H’ & Them is quite precise with his songwriting and the compilation of his artistry which makes the wait for low-q Shorts worth the wait.

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