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Here’s What You Need to Know About the Vans Eco Positivity Collection

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One thing about me is that, i absolutely LOVE seeing more and more brands hopping into the sustainable fashion train, even if its a capsule collection in celebration of earth day. Vans South Africa announced their Vans Eco Positivity Collection availability on the Vans South Africa website ago and I loved what i saw. This Eco Positivity Pack was designed as a way to spread awareness about the environment causes Vans is collectively passionate about and this collection was also designed to demonstrate their commitment to creating a more sustainable model for future generations.

An initial step in the journey towards sustainability, the Eco Positivity Collection incorporates elements of organic and recycled materials into both footwear and apparel. The hero style for footwear, the Circle Vee, features a knit upper made with 48% organic cotton, 47% hemp, as well as a drop-in footbed made from at least 70% biobased foam derived from plant-based oils.  The style also features a rubber outsole made with natural rubber that is responsibly sourced, using suppliers that follow proven sustainability practices intended to reduce impacts on the planet.

The new Eco Positivity Collection is a step in the journey towards circularity, incorporating elements of organic and recycled materials into both footwear and apparel.

The Vans Eco Positivity Collection is now available here in South Africa at Vans retailers and at vans.co.za and For more information about Vans’ sustainability initiatives, visit Vans.com/Sustainability.

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