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Huey Magicman’s Latest ‘SINPHONY no1’ Single feels Subdued but Faithful too

Last week Huey Magicman dropped off his latest offering titled ‘SINPHONY no1’ which also follows ‘DIE4U’ (with Imani Basquiat) that was the first off the forthcoming ETERNAL project Huey has been building the hype for…

Produced by @baitumanong & @doouwannaeat, “SINPHONY no1” is prayerful and reflective in nature as it finds the rapper surveying himself, the past, present and ultimately future too if you think about it because he not only (briefly) openly raps about personal battles + lacks but he heavily highlights the loop-like struggles found within the game or “culture” which he reinforces with the mention of hip-hop greats that have passed on such as HHP and Riky as well as others like Flabba and Prokid, just to mention a couple…

What happened to Riky

The same thing that happened to Curt…

What happened to Jabba

What happened to Flabba

Yes, the is very song is somber in feeling but vulnerable in narration because not only is Huey reminding us of some giants that met their demise walking their hip-hop paths but he is also being cognisant of the fact that he is also exposed to dangers that befell them hence the lines “growing up heard what goes around come right back around, sure enough all that happened then seems to happen now” tend to summarise what is being expressed on the song.

This is a great and very deep record for sure and again amps us up for the release of ETERNAL that is slated for an October 13th releases.

Listen below:


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