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Human Made Release Book For Futuristic Teenagers

Pharrell Williams and NIGO take part in a fashion shoot for the “Human Made Book for Futuristic Teenagers Season 25,” which is a must-watch for its styling of Human Made merchandise. Along with the shoot, a number of new products are displayed in a catalogue-like arrangement. In addition to the book, the blister pack contains a green rubber duck made by Human Made.

Human Made, is a lifestyle brand with the slogan “the future is in the past,” which was introduced by NIGO® in 2010. Human Made explores daring concepts that stand out in the steady stream of street culture while drawing inspiration from a wide range of styles and historical things that capture the feel of bygone eras. The book retails for  ​¥ 3,300( R420,87) and is available to shop at humanmade.jp . You can look at Pharell and NIGO’s shoot below:


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