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I Cannot Wait For “Torn Tapestries”

As cliche as it sounds, music is my life. It hits me in waves. Artist’s melodies, sometimes uncannily, perfectly encapsulate my feelings. And as of lately, anxiety has me in what feels like an unforgiving death grip. As a result of that, the music that has been vibrating through my ear canals has had an aggressive tone… an ugly and sticky tone that I am struggling to get out of and it seems the harder I try, the more ‘stuck’ I become.

This morning I was doing my usual rounds on Spotify to see which releases I had missed and Sio’s lively coloured cover stood out to me. To my joy, the song is produced by Daev Martian whom I’m a huge fan of, but that is a story I shall leave for another day. I quickly headed over to Apple Music and the first song I listened to was “Alchemy”, and instead of putting on my analytic hat… I just listened. Everything about “Alchemy” was perfect. It was almost like I was being pulled out of that sucky funk I was in… at least momentarily… I was just floating. In those moments I remembered the magic of music. It can be used to put you in a specific mood, take you out of a specific mood and everything in between, and in the case of Sio’s “Alchemy”, it brought me healing. Find healing below.

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