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ILLUSION OF THE UNCONSCIOUS Presented by Kanbi Projects

Fernandes invites the viewer into an intimate space of discovery, a window to observe the unconscious mind in a monologue with the self; revealing our misconceptions and beliefs and the tension between the ‘inner self ‘ and the ‘other self.’ The other self, in this case, is the ego – the sense of self as a coherent, rational actor expressed in the word “I” – which French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan refers to as the illusion of the unconscious, an image of stability and meaning created by the misperception of the relationship between body and self.

In an era where we define self as the image, we see projected in the mirror of social and mainstream media, a misrecognition that is sometimes reinforced by others’ affirmation, which creates a conscious sense of self, an ideal ego – an imaginary prefect self that has no flaws, no fears, no insecurities or existential concerns.

In her works, Fernandes personalizes the interior monologues into melancholic figures, transversing the abyss of the unconscious and the permanence of the physical reality. The figures themselves become the embodiment of thoughts, emotions, wishes, desires and tension that defines the essence of the ‘self’; allowing for a lucid contemplation of the ‘other’. Asking us to question our motivations, values and ideals, from the mundane “what do I wear today?” Or something as complicated as “where do I fit in ?”. And how our responses and reactions to these affect our way of expression in the world and our perception of ourselves.

Bria Fernandes is an emerging artist that specializes in figurative painting. She uses silences and omissions in her work to open a space for discourse. Born in Ottawa, Ontario, she lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She recently completed her BFA at Alberta University of the Arts, Calgary, Canada.

This exhibition is the second edition of a series of a newly launched platform by Kanbi Projects called Launchpad. Launchpad is an exclusive online-only exhibition providing exciting young artists with a solo collaboration with the gallery.

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