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Imani Basquiat Explores Digital Love On “Internet Girl” EP

Pretoria North artist making the rounds in the Alternative Hip-Hop scene, Imani Basquiat is bound to become a roaring hit. Having recently released his first-ever EP, ‘Hooptie Music’ on March 31st, 2022, the promising artist hopes to soar to new heights and enter life’s new avenues with his exciting follow-up EP titled Internet Girl. Inspired by artists like Andre 3000 and Pharrell, Internet Girl is a memoir of the sounds of the early 2000 and 2010’s era.

With his new release, the artist hopes listeners can dive deeper into the music and its new outlook on relationships today. Working with in-house producer, Baitu Manong and engineer Feziekk from Pretoria, Imani has brought an array of new sounds to create music they enjoy making and listening to. The new release marks the culmination of the artist’s breakthrough in the industry changing the landscape of what we know Pretorian Hip-Hop to be.

“Internet Girl is my modern-day take on a relationship within today’s era where the expected human exchange meets unexpected results. The internet is kind of based on meaningless and or short-term interactions or exchanges, I mean, think of the modern-day girl, she lives and thrives on the internet and so being a modern-day guy, where else would one “mack” on a girl but interact with her on the internet? From the beginning of the project, we’re introduced to a sense of knowing what every girl wants and trying to see how one could meet that. Then at the end of it all, we get more than what one would’ve bargained for. ” says the artist about his EP. Listen to Internet Girl below.

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