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In Loving Memory of Lunga Ntila

Lunga Ntila (may her beautiful soul rest in eternal peace) was a South African fine arts and multidisciplinary artist. She is known mainly for using self-portraiture as the main medium of her work, which always stands out through its emphasis on her lips and eyes. She described this medium as the easiest way for her to express herself without any of the limitations that she had set for herself.

She also described her multidisciplinary approach as a way to allow herself to tap into the abundance of creating by allowing anything to influence her work. Ntila also used the self-portraiture art medium as a way to interrogate herself and do some self-introspection.

The camera makes it easier for me to pick what’s in my head and put it on paper.

Lunga Ntila

BKhz, an art studio founded and owned by Banele Khoza – a South African visual artist is dedicating this moment (27th of August to the 10th of September 2022) to celebrate the memory of Lunga Ntila. “The gallery welcomes all who would like to share this time to honour the artist, friend and cherished member of our community.”

She was an exceptional contemporary artist, whose meditations evolved in imagination and presentation with each body of work. Lunga Ntila’s contributions to the world of art will definitely not go unnoticed and will continue to be honoured. 

create and explore.

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