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‘In The City’ is BACK With UK R&B Artist, Jacob Banks

After an unprecedented hiatus, In The City is finally BACK…but with a twist!

In The City was established in 2012 and has evolved over the years into more than just a music festival. It is the cultural intersection where street culture, inclusivity, self-expression and good vibes meet. The event is no longer a strictly Johannesburg based festival and instead will be expanded into the rest of South Africa and beyond. Each event will represent a different genre of music which will be dictated by the international headliner and curated sonically alongside the selected genre custodian.

The 8th edition of In The City will be hosted in Cape Town on the 4th of March at Cabo Beach Club, this year’s headliner is Jacob Banks. The Nigerian-born English singer-songwriter from Birmingham is best known for his rich baritone voice and how he seamlessly combines elements  from gospel, blues, R&B, reggae, and hip-hop for an urban-inspired multi-layered production sound.

Steyn Entertainment – the company behind In The City and Rocking The Daisies – is committed to bringing you these inclusive, carefully-curated, multi-sensory music and lifestyle experiences and has therefore partnered up with South Africa’s biggest R&B music event titled ‘Strictly Soul’ curated by DJ Akio, who himself will form a part of our first In the City comeback experience.

Strictly Soul is South Africa’s upscale curated musical experience focused on R&B, Soul, Neo-Soul, Trap Soul, and Future Beats. The Strictly Soul platform was started as a weekly live-stream which served as a musical escape from the restrictions posed by Covid-19 lockdown and has since developed into one of South Africa’s most prominent R&B experiences. Strictly Soul has since expanded its borders with events held in Botswana, Amsterdam and London.

Akio Kawahito, founder and music director of Strictly Soul, is committed to curating unique event experiences that not only uplifts R&B as a genre but also as a platform to uplift local R&B DJs and artists .

Steyn Entertainment – the company behind In The City and Rocking The Daisies – is committed to the upliftment and regrowth of the local arts and culture sectors by providing local artists with a platform to showcase their talent.

Strictly Soul has curated our ‘In The City’ experience by bringing together a DJ line-up that is tailored perfectly to the tastes of all lovers of R&B, with special live performances from Stay Low artists Lordkez & Mars Baby.

Get your tickets on the link below:


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