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Industrialised Sinister Loops Lead Mashbeatz New “CBD” Single

Sinister chords have never reverberated so wonderfully on a single. Comparable to the production littered throughout Ye’s Yeezus, the production on “CBD” carries the same eerie charm. “CBD” marks the second (or technically the third) single from Mashbeatz’ upcoming album titled THIS IS RELIGION, which is dropping on the 25th of November.

Mashbeatz called on frequent collaborator Maglera Doe Boy to handle vocal duties. Comparing “CBD” to “CYLINDA HEAD” and “NEVER RIDE”, the conceptual thinking behind the album is starting to become clearer to me. This ties into the outright gritty street rap that MDB brought to the single rapping things like “This that plug talk. Straight out the mud talk. Can’t spit it unless you if you ain’t out the slum talk”. Those familiar with Maglera Doe Boy’s story will be pleased to hear him atop this sort of production as it is perfectly suited for his flow and subject matter. In lay man’s terms, this is some hard sh*t for Magelra Doe Boy to rap on and he delivered… as usual. Listen to “CBD” below.

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