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Introducing Ghanaian Luxury Brand Duaba Serwa

Duaba Serwa is a Ghanaian design brand that is a mixture Of Innovative Intricate details, textures, structure and new types of volumes. It was founded by Nelly Hagan Deegbe in 2011 and since then it has been a modern, elegant clothing collection that also has a mixture of cultural references. They make clothes that cater to the woman who prefers the understated to flamboyant extravagance.

They have a colour selection that references the Afriacn renaissance and garments dyeing techniques. Duaba Serwa is not a brand that focuses on one thing but it is versatile having various styles including bridal collections with cuts and silhouettes that are made to fit all body types. That also speaks volumes for minimalist brides’ who like embracing flexibility and comfort the kind of dresses you can still wear to different occasions even after your wedding. Duaba Serwa’s artistic take on their brand makes their brand look more enchanting. They also offer their audience a new way to view their offering and appreciate fashion as art.

The brand has been featured in CNN, Forbes, Vogue Italia, Deutsch Welle, And Many Other Publications. They were also in Afro Fashion week Milano S/S’ 2023.


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