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Introducing Sustainable Fashion Designer katekani Moreku

Ketakani Moreku is a sustainable fashion brand that pushes limits in order to be unorthodox and disobey actions of conformity. Katekani emphasises unconventional thought, the embrace of unmistakable personality, and the creation of wearable art. Bright colours are combined with complementary textures and textiles in Katekani’s work to create a signature look that is uniquely his own, all the while being environmentally friendly. By discovering discarded materials or apparel, Katekani is able to transform products like maize meal sacks into trendy ones, or, as he prefers to say, “turn the old into the new.”

Things that were previously commonplace and disposable from the past are becoming today’s hip new fashions. In addition to working with opposing colours, Katekani frequently seeks materials from thrift shops or abandoned goods. He then sustainably creates new pieces out of unconventional materials and combinations of objects, accessories, and textures in a way that is advantageous economically. With both the technical know-how and the creative vision, Katekani has perfected the art of painstakingly fusing his unusual materials to make ready-to-wear clothing. Because of Katekani’s distinctive approach to fashion, fresh and attractive clothing items that are anything but traditional, uniform, and basic can be created sustainably and by reusing the old. Katekani has collaborated with PnP in releasing a collection.


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