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Introducing South African Contemporary Fashion Brand Munkus

Munkus was founded by Thando Ntuli in 2019. Coming up with brand names is not always easy especially if you want a name that can attract people into wanting to know more about your brand, it wasn’t like that for Thandi for she took the name that her family calls her by. Munkus is heavily influenced by the 80s and 90’s South African Fashion it is a brand that allows women to be their most vibrant, comfortable, and outspoken selves. Thando aims to raise the voice of the everyday woman through her craftmanship.

Munkus has a variation of garments that you can wear on any occasion and it lies in the streets of Soweto and Gugulethu. The brand’s concept is to blend South African heritage into young clothing that tells a narrative through colours and motifs, giving consumers an entirely local experience. Munkus is not a brand that makes fast fashion become outdated over time, it is a brand that produces quality pieces that get better with age and last a lifetime. They use bull denim and printed textiles that have been prepared to resist time in addition to their primary fabrics of linen and cotton.

“Women are a kaleidoscope of colours. From darkness and cold, women bring light and warmth. Women bring life to any room entered. This collection aims to show the multifaceted feminine, which also includes masculine qualities. She combines various weights of cotton fabric, from light and airy to heavier such as bull denim, to convey each persona. There is a focus on technical detail and pops of conceptual print imagery of her mother.”

Thandi Ntuli

After winning the SAFW New Talent competition in 2022, Thando Ntuli made a collection that pays homage to her mother in her AW23 Munkus collection called Umama Wami or My Mother. She uses her mother as a metaphor and examines the female ability to assume a variety of personalities to remain the nurturing centre despite limitations and problems. Munkus will feature in SA Fashion Week which is set to start on the 20 of October 2022 and end on the 22nd of October 2022.


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