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Jay Jody’s “Revenge Is Sweet” EP Is A Must Listen

Pretorian rapper and songwriter, Jay Jody is out to prove his worth! Since his departure from the BenchmarQ duo, Jay Jody has been able to reinvent himself as a solo artist with the previous project releases namely, “The Revenge Pack” EP and “Sunset Stories: A Mixtape”. Clearly Jay Jody is out for revenge.

This morning, on this new music Friday, the Revenge Club Records co-founder and rapper, Jay Jody surprised his listeners with the release of his brand new EP titled, Revenge Is Sweet.

The six-tracker body of work boasts confidence from the rapper and is a great listen. Enlisting features from Loatinover Pounds, AV and A-REECE, with production from Lunatik Beatz, Trigganasty, Sundaebeats and Michael Tuohy.

Theo Manjo
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