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Joeboy Brings Sweet Melodies To Life On “Contour” Single

I have a special place in my soul for Afrobeat, but only a certain interpretation of it. What interpretation am I talking about you ask? I enjoy Afrobeat that exists on the gentler end of the spectrum… borderline Afropop. Joeboy’s combination of cadence and harmonies makes for, what I can describe as, a harmonic listen. His melodies and vocal tones are so smooth that I involuntarily tune out of what he is saying, as I ended up being swaddled by the song in its entirety. Perhaps being part of the emPawa roster requires one to deliver anthem-esque songs that will ring in the listener’s head, as fellow label mate Fave also delivers a product of a similar vain when it comes to the melodic aspect of the music. Joeboy’s approach to music is one that is built for the social media age with its vibe being easily relatable to a broad spectrum of listeners, irrespective of what language they speak or their cultural background. Listen to “Contour” below.

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