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Kaalag | Using Colour To Reimagine Fashion In Côte d’Ivoire

photography credit: olga de la lesia

Ivorian sisters, Anta and Asna have had an unwavering relationship with fashion from an early age and they have since expanded their love for fashion by deciding that it was time to create their own fashion label, Kaalang, that is not only be a representation of them but of the Ivory Coast fashion realm.

Kaalag means ‘amulet’ in Wolof, it’s an ode to the constant presence of spirituality in our culture.

Anta and Asna
photography credit: olga de la lesia

They use colour to redefine what fashion is but most importantly what fashion is to them and how fashion is preserved in their native country. Fashion is one of the things Africans use to express themselves and distinguish themselves from the rest of the world, but the expressions and portrayals differ from one African country to another.

Anta and Asna believe that when we live in Africa, we have a different approach to colours because they are part of everyday life. Dressing in a colourful way is the norm. With that said, the sisters joined forces with artist and photographer Olga de la Iglesia, based in Barcelona, Spain, whose work explores fashion through colours while simultaneously merging the language of fashion with a documentary approach. “She helped us create a colourful story around the jewellery which reflects very well what we want to communicate through Kaalag,” said Anta and Asna.

photography credit: olga de la lesia

The brand was founded and launched in 2019 and their future plans for Kaalang is to continue to create and explore new things but most importantly do what they love.

create and explore.

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