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Kanyinsola Onalaja Turning Art Into Fashion

Kanyinsola Onalaja is the creative director behind Onalaja who has been making clothing that is luxurious and classy. Kanyisola first got introduced to art before she jumped into fashion, one day she just decided to enter a young designer competition in London with zero experience and to her surprise, she won, and started falling in love with fashion and what it had to offer. Onalaja is a modern women’s clothing company that experiments with demi-couture aspects. Through its expertly produced items, the brand offers a creative concept that combines the designer’s Nigerian ancestry, Italian design sensibilities, and a modern understanding of beauty.

Onalaja draws its inspiration from conventional handmade methods. Texture collisions, a play on proportions, colour manipulation, and textile manipulation are important themes frequently addressed in Onalaja’s pieces. The emphasis is frequently on flawless execution, handmade craft, complex experimentation, and fusing disparate parts to produce stunning wearable pieces. Every piece receives the care and consideration it deserves from the discriminating wearer, a worldly woman who values finely crafted products.


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