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Kasi Flavour10 x Takeru Amano Reimagine Football Kits

photography: @thapelo_gv72

Kasi Flavour10 is a hidden gem that holds a special place in my heart because of their love for SOUTH AFRICAN football culture. Like every other young boy in the country, I spent my teenage years pursuing the dream of professional football. I’m an editorial writer at Daily Capsule, so that should tell you how that went. Jokes aside, we have such a rich football history and platforms like Kasi Flavour10 bring that to life. I don’t think I know of another platform that brings together fashion and football culture so seamlessly.

photography: @thapelo_gv72

Kasi Flavour10, in collaboration with UK based Patterns of play and Japanese graffiti artist Takeru Amano, reimagined a football crest for Amasokolara FC. It’s a unique meeting of two different worlds. I am particularly impressed with their choice to work with a 4th tier football team rather than a premier league outfit. Takeru Amano is behind the spray paint design of the crest and sprayed each of the jersey numbers individually.

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