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KAYTRANADA Asks For Amapiano Drum Kits

Globally celebrated producer & DJ, KAYTRANADA recently hopped on social media, Twitter specifically, to ask for some Amapiano drumkits if possible… Say what you will, but the genre of Amapiano continues to impress the world and for KAYTRANADA to want to dabble in it by trying it out is pretty cool news to read.

From Diddy, Wizkid to Ludacris and almost all parts of the world, Amapiano has solidified itself as one of the fastest growing genres found in the music industry, and just looking at the comments found under KAYTRANADA’s recent tweet proves that fans, especially South Africans, are proud of their home-brewed diamond of a sound…

Hopefully, we get to hear what an Amapiano-inspired KAYTRANADA record or mix would sound like soon because that would be crazy huh?

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