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Kelela Presents “Raven” A Dance Masterpiece

As detailed in the previous article about the album, Kelela is an American R&B/Soul singer, she announced her second studio album Raven on the 15th of November 2022. It was defined by herself as, “a 15-track deep-dive into facets of dance music that have always excited me” Raven was released this past Saturday and is nothing short of perfection.

Six years after the release of her debut album Take Me Apart, Kelela graced her fans with a new album many are lauding. The album is an hour and 3 minutes of Kelela beautifully showing off her vocal skills and also a celebration of queer Black womanhood and black club music. Listen to the album below.

We made it y’all!! My second LP Raven is out now in stores and on all streaming platforms! go RUN. IT. UP!!

Also, can I just say: I cannot wait to do these songs live next month!!! shit’s bout to be crazy

– Kelela
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