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Kelvin Momo Gets A DM Shoutout From Drake

What an incredible way to start the year if you’re an artist, more especially if you are Kelvin Momo. Being the leading light of the “private school amapiano” community is not easy but Kelvin Momo carries it well because he owns it!

A typical “private school amapiano” is a variation of the genre that employs elements of jazz, deep house and lounge music.

An hour ago, Kelvin Momo, who recently released his most soulful piece with, “Amukelani” got a huge surprise on his Instagram account as he received a direct message from the world’s biggest artist, the Canadian singer-songwriter and rapper, Drake, saluting him on the music he has put out and how tapped in he really is with Kelvin Momo – “Listen to you like a religious experience.”

It’s one thing for a huge international artist to co-sign you or to send you a dm, but it’s another feeling when you know that they are actually listening to your artistry.

Theo Manjo
culture specialist. @itsmanjobruh across all platforms.

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