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Kenya’s Gem – Wendy Kay’s “My Way : Volume II” Album

Kenyan artist Wendy Kay is a gem that I found on the Apple Music Africa Rising playlist and her song titled “Niambe” immediately piqued my attention. R&B has always had a special place in my heart because my ear gravitates toward melodies, but as I’ve matured I have begun to enjoy frequencies from the continent a lot more and found myself enjoying a blending of the two, which is commonly referred to as Afro R&B.

Wendy Kay sits at the equilibrium point of the spectrum of traditional and Afro R&B. She possesses the vocal abilities that are synonymous with Africans and the rhythm to effectively ‘surf’ in the pockets of melodies like traditional R&B act. A large part of that comes down to her beat selection.

At no point on this EP does she sound out of comfort. She has an understanding of how to use her voice and displays a clear understanding of what goes into making a well rounded song that can appeal to listeners who crave a level of familiarity, whilst being fresh enough to not feel like ‘just another Afro Pop record’. Listen to “My Way : Volume II” below.

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