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Khuli Chana Launches New Business Venture Called ‘Khuli Chana Studios’

Khuli Chana is a legend within the music industry and has been steadily making ventures into the next phase of his career with his joint venture partnership with Universal Music and his record label, Mythrone Records.

The rapper took to social media to make the official announcement of his latest venture, Chana Studios. There has not been any official press release from Khuli Chana or Chana Studios regarding the mission of the company however, their twitter bio sheds some light on purpose of the company reading, “Khuli Chana Studios is a content creation hub for creatives. The studios offer TV production facilities, sound, live streaming & music production.”

It seems that the company opted for a soft release, with them only sharing a brief 6-second video showcasing the branding of the establishment and with the shrewd businessman that Khuli Chana had proven to be, we can surely expect big things from Chana Studios in terms of content creation and shows. We’ll be on the lookout for the developments of the company.

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