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KMAT Demands Your Attention on “Luminous Flame” EP

As a conduit of culture, I have had the pleasure of exploring and delving into other genres in comparison to previous years. This newfound freedom has led me across the continent but ultimately I have found that South Africans truly have the most elite musical offerings on the continent.

One individual I have come across in my exploration into Amapiano is KMAT. I stumbled upon her at the perfect time as she recently released her debut EP, Luminous Flame. The 6-track EP has a runtime of just over 37 minutes and features the likes of 031CHOPPA, Sino Msolo and Felo Le Tee. The EP is a seamless listen without an ounce of filler and Luminous Flame offers a range of different pockets, varying in degrees of intensity. Thus far, “Themba Lam” featuring Sino Msolo is proving to be my favourite but I have a nagging feeling that could change depending on which song I create the most memorable memories to. Listen to Luminous Flame below;

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