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Lady Donli Is Leading A “Soft Life”

Described as the Pan African Rockster, Lady Donli uniquely blends Afrobeat, Jazz, and R&B to bring to life a truly unique listening experience. She has blessed the ears of her fans with a single titled “Soft Life”. The single is an extremely rhythmic track based in Afrobeat and embodies the principles of the genre that have charmed the world over. In an era of quantising artificial instruments, it is refreshing to hear music that has a natural element to it and you can feel that there is an imperfect element to it that makes the song feel human.

source: Instagram(@ladydonli)

Lady Donli’s distinctive attribute is her cadence and approach to songwriting. Perhaps a virtue of being a diverse multicultural being, she has a natural feel for which melodies would perfectly suit a given production and capture the ears of her listeners. If there was ever an artist who represents the saying ‘music is felt more than it’s heard’, it would be Lady Donli’s performance on “Soft Life”. listen to the song below.

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