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Listen To Bongeziwe Mabandla’s Latest ‘ndikhale’ Single

Last week South African artist Bongeziwe Mabandla released and “captured the raw emotion that results from songwriting in a moment of pure heartache” via a new song called ‘ndikhale’.

This is the third single from the award-winning artist’s forthcoming album amaXesha that is set to drop on April 28th according to DSPs and it’s described as the most earthy song on the album…

It’s also replete with emotion, having been written in the hours following a phone call the artist received while in Orleans, France.

“Sometimes heartache can be terrifyingly moving, and in this case it inspired ‘ndikhale’,” shares Mabandla. In the wake of a call that left him feeling let down, dismissed and unfairly treated, he turned to songwriting to mark the moment and make the pain evident.

I wanted to go into a hole. That’s how the line “Ngaske Ndikhale ndigaze ndiyeke (“I wish I could cry and never ever stop) surfaced. I held on to that line for a few days while trying to find chords that would match my sorrow.

– Bongeziwe Mabandla

Listen to the song below:

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