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Elaine Delivers On New ‘Fading Away’ Single

Last week Friday, Elaine dropped off her new single called ‘Fading Away’ which is a song she teased some days before the drop. The song, as we indicated in our teaser post, finds Elaine singing about what seems to be a union “fading away” as motivated through what sounds like the complications of a dimming relationship.

Taking the song’s topic aside, experience-wise, ‘Fading Away’ is a soothing-sounding song that puts Elaine’s vocal ability on full display, from the lyrics expressed to the chorus that brings it all together, not counting out the production, ‘Fading Away’ is a must-hear record, especially for Elaine fans that give another insight into where her artistic mind is at.

Days before this release, Elaine dropped off ‘Deja Vu’, and taking the high frequency of her releases these days definitely teases a bigger release coming, such as a new body of work which we’ve all been waiting for since she dropped Elements in 2019.

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