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Listen to H’ & Them’s Latest “DZA MDINI” Single Featuring Mass The Difference

Born and raised in Thohoyandou Aluwani Thovhakale famously known as H’ & Them has reunited with Mass the Difference to release a new single titled ‘DZA MDINI’. A song where two artirst complete each other, each showing moments of vulnerability accompanied by chilled beats.

I had intended to do the song by myself, but somewhere mid-making it I just heard his voice. There is this thing I do when Im listening more especially with people that I sonically connected with. I’d be making a song and I’d be like nah this person would be perfect for this part. I sent him to him, then he sent it back

H’ and Them

‘Dza Mdini’ is a song that recognises friends beyond friendships, a song that makes you appreciate that friends can feel like home, it is a song intended for people that are close to you.

The whole lyrical aspects of it revolve around brotherhood. The essence of the song is just songs for the people at home but home not being the place that you live in, home being the people that are home to you.

H’ and Them

‘DZA MDINI’ is an appetizer to H’ & Them’s upcoming album titled ‘Home in a Bit’ that is dropping on the 10th of May. Mass the Difference and H’ and Them have collaborated before on ‘Lerato’s Heart’ in 2018. To listen to ‘Dza Mdini’ click below: 


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