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Listen to Nirvana Nokwe’s New “Nirvous Love” EP

Just a few days ago, multi-faced musical artist or “cosmic bae” Nirvana Nokwe dropped her new EP called Nirvous Love which is a soulful 6-track project that is said to stamp the budding artist’s credentials as an auteur of immersive and affecting music.

The EP is further said to bring “one’s soul on a voyage of discovery: a story of love and awakening. Being self-aware due of the replicated dynamics of destruction, betrayal and hurt created in childhood, Nirvana explores the vindictive streak to attaining the love we all deserve”. 

Feature-wise the EP only contains Nomathanda for ‘head to toe” however with singles such as ‘2 Woke 4 Love’ and ‘Waiting’ laying the foundation, Nirvana is said to deliver a cohesive and slyly eclectic body of work, rooted in retro, indie rock, Zulu drums, gqom and amapiano sounds, along with her ear-tingling vocal melodies and themes that dig into varying facets of the human condition. 

This project is a language in how we define and predict love. I hope everyone can find solace and healing and be relieved from the shackles of control and being controlling. This project is the blueprint of a genre I’m pioneering called Cosmic. Definitely something many may call sonic cinema

– Nirvana Nokwe

While she is Johannesburg born, it’s also been shared that Nirvana identifies more with her years in KwaMashu and Lamtonville, Durban. Her family is rooted in the arts, making it possible for Nirvana to have participated in the entertainment industry at 4-years-old as a professional. By the age of 10, Nirvana understood what she was doing in entertainment and concluded that she wanted to continue pursuing a career in the arts.

“Nirvana’s latest release shows the diversity, future thinking and artistic integrity she has developed over her career. With massive support from stores such as Apple Music, it’s clear that she has a lot to offer and we’re excited to hear what’s yet to come,” expresses Mike Kelly Label Manager at Paradise. 

Listen below:

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