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Listen To Stogie T’s New “Johnny P’s Caddy Freestyle”

Just as we entered the new year, Stogie T decided to share his compliments by releasing a new freestyle called ‘Johnny P’s Caddy Freestyle’ which finds him briefly leasing his friend, Benny The Butcher, and J. Cole’s ‘Johnny P’s Caddy’ instrumental to reflect…

Now if you know Stogie T, then you already know that this wasn’t a regular release as we stated above, in our view, this freestyle is a reflective one that rhythmically offers listeners an opportunity to ponder on a variety of social and personal issues that many could probably relate to.

To quickly summarize, the song begins with a snippet scene from the classic Good Will Hunting movie with Matt Damon before Stogie T briefly begins to mirror his life which then opens up to bigger conversational & observational topics such as social standards that are affected by a range of inputs (in our view again) such as clout, religion, money, family, addictions, etc…

Yeah, there’s a lot to decipher in this freestyle which means that it requires a couple of replays to grasp what’s honestly being said and expressed but it also offers different opportunities for introspection that will most probably differ from person to person…

Listen below:

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