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Little Simz “No Thank You” Album Is Out

Following the previous article about Little Simz’s album announcement, she has released the NO THANK YOU album. As much as she might be an introvert sometimes, she came with guns blazing, drums rumbling and trumpets buzzing this time. Produced by Dean Josiah Cover known professionally as INFLO, NO THANK YOU is Simz’s fourth album and it’s a 50 minutes compilation of Simz showing off her lyricisms with ease, a bit of frustration and grace.

Simz is known for her extraordinary pen game and in this particular body of work, she channels the same energy and mood from her 2019 album GREY Area… from INFLO producing the entire project to the pain and frustration embedded throughout her lyrics. NO THANK YOU is allowing us yet another glimpse into her life and opening up about processing the trauma of losing a friend. “I got angel guarding my steps, guarding my life, from now until death” she rapped on the opening song ‘Angel.’

In the opening song of GREY Area Simz said, “I’m Jay-Z on a bad day, Shakespeares on my worst days” and in the opening song of this new album, she said “had to get a pen when I remembered that I’m Jay-Z” even though there’s an album in between the two albums it seems like there’s an interlink or rather a continuation from GREY Area to NO THANK YOU. Simz got Cleo Sol to add her celestial vocals on a number of songs namely, ‘Angel’, ‘X’, ‘Heart of Fire’, ‘Sideways’ and ‘Who Even Cares.’ Is that not a musical match made in the heavens? Listen to NO THANK YOU below.

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