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Lizzie Armanto x VANS Collection

Lizzie Armanto’s journey with skating began at the tender age of 14 when she accompanied her brother to the skatepark. From that eventful day, which saw her brother chip his tooth, she caught the skateboarding bug and never turned back. The young skater went on to turn pro in 2010 while she was in college and her career in the sport began to soar.

The prolific skater’s presence in the world of Skateboarding is well deserved, with her making placements in the illustrious X Games, Olympics and World Cup. Being the premier skateboarding brand, it was only natural for Vans to collaborate with Lizzie on her own signature line.

The line goes beyond sneakers, with an inclusive head-to-toe line. As Lizzie says, ‘skateboarding is for everyone’, and the line places a focus on genre fluid items that accommodate persons of all sizes.

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