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Lloyiso Delivers Honesty & Authenticity With “SEASONS” Debut EP

Last week Friday, soul singer/songwriter Lloyido dropped off his debut EP titled Seasons which is said to be a thesis centred on authenticity, “a trait that’s been the guiding principle throughout his journey from an Idols SA finalist and social media singing sensation to a recording artist who’s labelmates with the likes of John Legend, Lorde, Ariana Grande and The Weeknd”.

I was always there to just post something and get out—and then it changed my life. It got me signed to the first label I got signed to. And it’s the fact that I was sitting in my room and just doing this without begging people to listen to my music. You don’t have to know me. I’m not sharing my life. I’m not talking about anything. I’m just singing.

– Lloyiso

The EP comes through with about 7 tracks in total that range from mood and tempo as your immerse yourself in what’s been offered by the star. The project itself was largely co-produced by Lloyiso and Norweigan producer Earwulf and is further described as an EP that tells honest and vulnerable stories across its seven tracks… “When I started writing it, I was head over heels,” Lloyiso explains, “and I wrote about that. I got hurt; we broke up; I was heartbroken; there’s a song about that. And at some point I realised that this life thing is just the way it is, and you just have to make the most of it.”

Listen to Seasons below:

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