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“Love Eternally” Presented by AMG Projects

“LOVE ETERNALLY ” as expressed on Artsy, is a roller coaster of self-expression and liberation. Three artists who exist in parallel universes come together to reflect on ideas related to identity, kinship, society and culture. Tapping into personal experiences, they individually wade into narratives ranging from celebrating the grace of black womanhood, navigating preset rules of engagement in today’s world to the essence of sisterhood.

AMG projects is a platform that aims to build and facilitate broader global opportunities for emerging artists and curators from Africa. AMG Projets recently announced LOVE ETERNALLY; the next show at their gallery in Lagos space featuring Nkechi Ebubedike, Sophia Oshodin and Yaknoabasi Ene, together these contemporary African artists form an unexpected trifecta.

My paintings from the wellbeing series explore the realities of the black experience. These pieces represent our never ending pursuit of protecting our space ,reclaiming joy through life’s complex journey and finding the balance between peace,happiness and shared hopes in today’s society.

Sophia Oshodin

Based on three different continents, the featured artists explore shared experiences and their perspectives on life, kinship and preserved memories. In what promises to be a full circle experience – ideas on identity mental health and cultural assimilation are part of the personal narratives intended to provide a glimpse into the world of three women who exist in different spaces yet share radically similar experiences as Artists and women of African descent.

The exhibition opened up on the 14th of August – and ends on the 10th of September 2022.

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