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Lucasraps Drops Surprise EP “Location Hurting 2.0”

The Y.O.G. has surprised his fan base with the release of his Location 2.0 album on SoundCloud. With the album being released on the free to stream platform instead of official streaming platforms, we can assume these are loosies that have been sitting in the vault. He features various members of his close inner circle like Ca$h Kali as well as known names like The Big Hash. The production on the album is chaotic and all over the place but that was expected from the release.

In the description of the album Lucasraps wrote, “Location Hurting 2.0″ is a project showing my transition through a multitude of different emotional and mental states” – Perhaps this is the reason for the lack of cohesion. These songs were recorded at different times of Lucasraps’ life and this feels more like a release of emotion for the artist… raw emotion free from the burden of expectation. Listen to Location Hurting 2.0 below

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