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Maglera Doe Boy Explores The Concept of Nature Versus Nurture On New Single “Dor Do Povo”

I could describe Maglera Doe Boy as the street scribe because of how unequivocally he tells the tales of those that experience the hardships of growing up in a… not so pleasant environment. His latest single “Dor Do Povo” sees him shed some light on how a certain set of circumstances might lead to one leading a life of criminality when he harmonises, “Ha o e bona ko corneng ska re blaima rele dah. My daddy vaaid, my momma cried, how I’m supposed to be a man?”

Maglera Doe Boy poses a valid question to the listener. How much of a role does the environment you grow up in influence the decisions you make? It is easy to point your nose to the sky and say you wouldn’t make certain decisions if you were in his shoes, but given that we live in a time were something is ‘cool’ or ‘trendy’ only after your favourite celebrity co-signs it leaves much to desired of the decision making process of the society of today. Listen to “Dor Do Povo” below.

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