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Major League DJz & Bridges For Music Team Up For “Mix It Up” EP

Amapiano is taking the world over with the UK taking a particular interest in the genre. For that reason, it makes absolute sense that Bridges For Music called on the pioneers of Amapiano to create an EP introducing an authentic brand of Amapaino to the UK audience. The EP was recorded at the Nandos Studios in the UK, and brought a truly cross-continental collaboration to life. The EP brought UK artists M1llionz, Miraa May, Bru-C, and BERWYN, into the studio with South African producers Tumza D’kota, bl Zero, Mdu Aka TRP, TO Starquality, accompanied by vocalists Aymos and Basetsana. The 25-minute EP is a listen that is guaranteed to get the blood going. Listen to “Mix It Up” below.

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