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Manana Offers Romance, Poetry & Acoustic Nostalgia With New “But could the moments in between” EP 

Last week, singer/song-writer Manana dropped off his sophomore EP called But could the moments in between that comes in with 8 tracks in total with no mentioned features. The build-up to this moment started off with the release of ‘Summervibe’ which truly hyped up what was to come. According to DSP descriptions, this EP is set to offer listeners some romance, poetry & acoustic nostalgia which we felt for real as we experienced Manana’s gift.

This EP follows his 2020 In the beginning was the end project and as a predecessor, that body of work did well to grow Manana’s fanbase while this new drop, we think, solidifies his presence within the music space as an earnest contender which kind of has always been to those that appreciate the unique. Manana is unique…

Listen below:

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